Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Do Not Even Think about Giving in…!

- Message No. 1385 -


My child. Most difficult times await your life on earth, but do not be afraid, do not be afraid. My Father, God, the Most High, has provided. So ask and it will be given to you when food is now scarce(er) and many goods that you have experienced as 'normal' in everyday life will now soon be unavailable or difficult to obtain.

My child. Do not be afraid. I, your loving Father in Heaven, provide at all times. Tell the children of the earth that they must trust. Their trust will (be) tested, and good to him who has learned it and trusts completely in Me, his Father in Heaven who loves him so much, and in My Most Holy Son.

My child. Worst times are ahead for your earthly existence, HOWEVER, YOUR PRAYER STILL PREVENTS SO MUCH! Through your prayer you remain strong and changed for the good! So you must pray, much and fervently, for I, your Jesus, with My Father, God Almighty, will take care of you.

The last time will be difficult for all My faithful children, but you will always be close to Me in prayer. Prayer gives you hope, and it gives you the strength you need for these coming days.

Plead with the Father daily for the mitigation and shortening of this time, for if you do not, none of you will endure!

That which is coming upon your earth, world, and thus you, is long planned, but the Father will intervene so that you will not all be lost to the Adversary.

Never consider giving in, because that means your eternal death in suffering, agony and torment!

Do not even think of giving in to what the evil one has to offer you, because he is cunning and crafty and baits you, but if you bite, you are lost, like the fish on the rod of a fish catcher, who does not release you anymore, because you have bitten on his barb studded with bait and now you cannot get free anymore.

You have placed yourself in the hands of the adversary, giving him power over your life and death, just because you 'bit'. Now see in whose hands you are and what price you have to pay for it!

But never forget that your soul is immortal, that is:

Even if you go to death, agony and torment and suffering(s) will have no end!

Be aware of this, beloved children that you are, and accept NOTHING from the Adversary who will lead you ALL to perdition should you cave in, go soft and not persevere!

Pray then, beloved children that you are, for the Father hears your prayers!

I, your Jesus, am LEADING ALL TRUE BELIEVING CHILDREN THROUGH THIS LAST TIME, so hope in Me, consecrate yourselves and your loved ones to Me, your Savior, Who I Am, and pray and supplicate to the Father, to the Mother, to the Holy Spirit, and to Me, your Savior who loves you so much.

ALL the saints are ready and waiting to help you! So ask them, pray to them and believe!

My holy angels are sent out, so ask them too!

And pray daily to the Holy Spirit, for the confusion is great!

Always remain faithful and devoted to Me, your Jesus, and pray, pray, pray, My children!

My Mother's Holy Rosaries work miracles and peace in your world! Pray them daily, beloved children, and pray daily to the Holy Spirit!

I love you very much.

Your Jesus. Who I Am. Amen.

Make this known, My child. So many children get confused, and the confusion leads them astray.

Pray to the Holy Spirit to give you clarity and understanding. Amen.


Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart of my beloved Jesus,

Spring of infinite mercy,

Receive on this day the complete surrender of my being.

Take my life, I offer it to You

Let your Sacred Heart be a fountain of blessings,

Not only for me, but also for all of humanity,

Which at this moment united with me, I give to Your protection.

I give You my heart, so that it only loves You,

I give You my sight so that I see Your Love everywhere,

I give You my ears so that they hear Your heartbeat,

I give You my thinking so that protected by You, it be a constant hymn of adoration,

I give You my hands and my feet so in your likeness they may be blessing for my brothers and sisters.

Sacred Heart of my beloved Jesus,

I accept You today as my refuge from anguish and tribulation at all times,

I accept You as protector and custodian of my life, Above all in moments of temptation.

Sacred Heart of my beloved Jesus, From today on I give myself wholly to You.

I plead with You to help me in this life, So that nothing and no one separates me from You.

Fountain of infinite mercy, take possession of my being; I, in exchange, promise to love You, and I resolve to never offend You.

Receive, I beg You, this my consecration to You,

And keep me, as of this moment, as Your own possession.



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