Queen of the Rosary

My child. Sit down with Me. I desire that My Rosary be prayed more. By this, Satan will be put in his place and cannot harm you.

Whoever prays My rosary will not fall prey to Satan. I will protect him, and no dark power will be able to take possession of him.

Spread My Rosary over the whole world, for it is the strongest weapon given to you.

My child. Make this wish known. Amen.

The Most Holy Rosary

Prayers for the Divine Preparation of Hearts

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The Heavenly Father, after the Holy Tridentine Sacrifice Mass according to Pius V, speaks through His willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne

I, the Heavenly Father, speak now and in this moment, through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is entirely in My Will and repeats only words that come from Me.

Beloved little flock, beloved followers, beloved pilgrims and faithful from near and far and beloved children of Mary and Father. You all followed My call on this second Sunday of Advent.

Everything you learn today is of utmost importance, for I am giving you information necessary for My intervention, My beloved. Everything has been provided for. I, the Heavenly Father, am preparing all people so that they may receive the strength to endure everything according to My plan and will, and to follow My call.

I wish that you first take care of the transmission of My messages, because in all decisiveness My mighty intervention will take place over the whole of mankind. This event will be unimaginable for many people.

You, My beloved ones, have full protection. But what about those of other faiths and those who have gone astray? You have the opportunity to decide for the truth at the last moment. How will this happen?

The cross will appear brightly illuminated throughout the entire firmament, and many can repent of their grave guilt in an instant, or they can flee under the cross of Meggen or Eisenberg, thus accepting their own cross and repenting with all their heart the sins of their past.

Prerequisite, of course, is that they believe in My messages, which I have given to many messengers and messengers. They must not become persecutors of my chosen ones, like so many priests in this day and age.

All who persecute My messengers become enemies of the Catholic Church. They will listen to the calls of Satan. Mighty they will take action against you, my beloved ones.

In this last time before My intervention, Satan will exercise his last power. He will strike the last and most powerful blow. After that all power is taken from him. All who then follow his call will fall into eternal damnation. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth and the power of Satan will be effective forever. There is no turning back.

Cruelly this event will come and in all violence and power.

My Son Jesus Christ and My Heavenly Mother will appear in all radiance in the firmament.

One will not be able to explain it. No one can foresee this, for I, the Heavenly Father, know all alone about this time of the event. Also nobody will know before.

So be prepared for this hour of surgery.

But before this happens, the faithful will be given the opportunity to consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God, as My Heavenly Mother announced already yesterday, on December 8, 2016, through My beloved priestly son in Gƶttingen, who at that time holds the office of Pope in the emergency situation.

He who does not believe will not be protected.

My beloved sons of priests, wake up and convert, for I, the Heavenly Father, will come in great power and glory. The intervention is just around the corner.

Therefore I wish that Russia be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This consecration must take place, My beloved ones. I want to save all mankind from the third world war. He is to be averted, that is my wish to all who believe and pray.

No one will understand what happens then.

A great ball of fire will roll over the earth and whole regions will be wiped out. Can you understand this, My beloved ones? Can you explain when that will happen?

My beloved authorities, why do you still not recognize the truth? Why do you persecute My beloved messengers and chosen ones to this day? Why are you still their persecutors today?

Take the Bible and prove to me a mistake. What I have proclaimed in my messages corresponds to the full truth. You must not change anything about it, not one iota.

I Am the Powerful, the Omniscient and Almighty Heavenly Father in the Trinity, the Creator of the whole world and the universe. My word is truth because I am the way, the truth and the life. Whoever believes in me will be saved. But he who does not believe will be condemned. This, my word, you shall follow.

You will be despised, reviled and your honor will be taken away. Take your yoke upon you and follow me, for you are the followers of my apostles.

Take the effective weapon, the rosary. You can recognize all persecutors by the fact that they never pray the rosary.

I wish that now also Russia will withdraw its weapons and take the only effective weapon at hand, namely the rosary. Then Russia, and even all mankind, will be saved from the Third World War.

This is My truth and information to mankind.

Watch and pray, for the hour of truth has come.

I love you all and bless you in this celebration, in the Trinity with your Heavenly Mother, all the angels and saints, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Watch and pray, for the hour is near.

The Most Holy Rosary

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The Death Agony of Christ

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

on the afternoon of March 27, 2004, while I was carrying out my daily Stations of the Cross requested by Our Lady for this Lenten season, and while the promised vision at the 12th Station of the Cross was also taking place again on the outdoor grounds of Schoenstatt in Armadale, W. Australia, another most extraordinary revelation occurred which, in keeping with Our Lady's request that I open my heart and soul to everyone, I am pleased to share with you.

The scene I am about to describe is, and most certainly was, most startling and extremely painful at the moment I saw and felt it. In this vision I saw our Lord Jesus Christ hanging nailed to the cross. It was as if I zoomed in, as a camera can zoom in on a picture, but in this case to a close-up of Jesus' back, where I could clearly see that He had only scraps of skin on His back, where by far the greater part of His back consisted of exposed flesh, with a multitude of obviously deep cuts caused by the scourging He had so cruelly and unjustly received. And from this vantage point I could clearly see that the wood of the cross behind His back was full of nicks and knots, and the surface was completely splintered like splinters of firewood split by an axe.

Still spellbound by what I just described, I then saw Jesus wince in pain and His back at the same time. In fact, the open flesh on His back was bruised from the rough unfinished surface of the cross. And at the same time, I could hear Him crying out loudly with a most terrible piercing and agonizing voice as the pain shot through His Holy Body. But as if seeing and hearing this was not painful enough for me, I could actually feel His pain as I saw and heard it.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I cannot even tentatively describe to you adequately the effect that this experience had on me at that moment, right now after the event, and I am absolutely certain will have for the rest of my life from now on.

This apparition of seeing and actually feeling Christ's agony lasted, it seemed to me, hours, while I saw and felt the agony of every movement our Lord made, each time in a vain attempt to assume a more comfortable or less painful position. With each movement He emitted a terrible cry of excruciating pain, such excruciating pain that was simply unrelenting. When He moved His back, the nails on His wrists snapped and seemingly involuntarily His clenched hands opened, from which pain simultaneously shot down His arm to His shoulders and neck, from there down His spine, across His exposed buttocks (He was completely naked on the cross), with which He tried to support the weight of His Holy Body, into His groin, then down His thighs and legs, until finally they reached His feet. Once these stabbing pains reached His feet, they made His feet twitch, which in turn sent a stabbing and excruciating pain up His legs through the nails in His foot. And so the agonizing process of stabbing pain continued in the opposite direction from where it had begun with the twitching of His back against the raw, splintered wood of the cross.

All the while, as I watched this utterly inhuman agony, I could actually feel, at the same time as My Lord, our Lord, every single agonizing movement through my own body, but undoubtedly not nearly as deep and intense pain as He was enduring. His Most Holy Face was completely covered with His Holy Blood, with so many deep wounds both as a result of the scourging blows He had received and the cruel way the Roman soldiers must have pressed on the crown of thorns to make it penetrate His skull. All this tremendous torture meant that His Most Holy Face was completely twisted and distorted with pain, and the more He cried this out, the more His Face distorted.

He screamed so loudly so that the pain would subside, but the more He screamed, the more the pain increased and the more skin abrasions and puncture wounds He received on His Holy Body from the screaming. Then His Holy Body momentarily sagged from sheer exhaustion from the screaming and agonizing suffering, with His Holy Head falling forward onto His blood-stained chest, and for a brief moment there was a pause in the screaming - but only for a short time, because then He began to choke, and by trying to breathe air into His lungs, He therefore began to choke up mucus and blood, which in turn caused Him to cough. This then in turn set off a chain reaction of renewed agony, pain and screaming, as His Holy Body was further abraded and punctured on the rough surface of the wooden cross by the coughing.

While watching this most inhuman torture, I actually felt once again all the pain He was going through. Then, as if this scene were not horrible enough, I saw Our Lady, who saw the same thing I saw, looking up at Him. And as our Lord cried out, She also cried out with Him in agony and torment, wanting to take the pain away from Him as much as any loving mother on earth would have wanted to when she herself witnessed such an abomination with her own children. Then Our Lady, still weeping, tried to reach out and touch Our Lord's feet to relieve the pain. And when He saw this, His Holy Body flinched in anticipation of the pain due to the touch of the open wound by His Mother's hand. And this, in turn, caused even more injuries to His back and even more cries of pain. This new outburst of cries and anguish then in turn caused Our Lady even more grief and weeping at the utter helplessness. She was in a state of complete despair and Her heart was completely torn with pain as She felt completely helpless in trying to take away the pain, agony and suffering from Her beloved Son, Our Lord. In turn, despite His excruciating physical suffering, our Lord was then completely brokenhearted and dismayed. Seeing His beloved Mother's helplessness to help Him, He also felt Himself helpless to take away her pain and sorrow.

This scene, which I have tried to describe so accurately, with the inadequacies of the English (German) language to find words to describe my feelings and sensations, seemed to last hours, although in real time and in reality it actually lasted only minutes, leaving me completely empty physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually. I could hardly rise from the ground in my humbly prostrate position before the cross, for not only was I weeping unrestrainedly, but I was tearing at every limb as if I had been struck dead.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this experience, which was to be repeated again the following day at the 12th Station, was so real that if someone could see and feel what I had gone through, and thus also realize what sin really does to Our Lord and then to Our Lady, I then truly believe we would all think long and hard about sinning again. Even if Our Lady did not tell me so, at least to date, I am nevertheless convinced, this experience would undoubtedly be far more of an appropriate penance for my sins than any form of penance I have ever been asked to do before by any priest in the past.

Many thanks, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, for allowing me to share this most extraordinary experience with you. And I hope it will be of help to all of you.

I pray, Blessed Mother, that those who wish to read or hear Your messages will receive them with Your blessings, and that their hearts will also be filled with Your graces and Your love.


Anne continues to atone for the Church and the world.

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